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Digital Literacy in Art

March 18, 2011

This is  a project I did last year with Su Ballard and Morgan Oliver, funded by Ako Aotearoa. It’s a website that collates our research and experience teaching a paper called Digital Literacy at the Dunedin School of Art. The design of the website (by Morgan Oliver | BLACKARTS) mimics some of the learning strategies that are used in the paper.

We worked really well as a team and I’d totally do projects with these people again! Su created this amazing glossary that can be accessed at the same time as the rest of the information, which really adds an extra dimension to the project, highlighting the type of language we use both in digital dallying and in education.

Morgan was really great at working with us about our ideas for the design, emulating the ways that we interact with digital media and came up with this beautiful crystal metaphor, that unfolds and grows as we gain more knowledge, and discover the site.

I’ve done a seminar at Otago Polytechnic introducing the site and got some good feedback…but feel free to give me more!



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