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August 5, 2009

So, I’ve been updating my blogs, in an attempt to get together a more representative online presence of myself. rather then try to do too many things in one space, i thought i would look at my existing blogs that worked (albeit sporadically in some cases) and work out how to connect them so that they would contain my thoughts, differentiate between the various things I do in my professional life, and act as a presence I can be proud of on the web.

I’ve been blogging regularly here which initially started as a way to connect to my students outside of the classroom, or to extend topics that started inside the classroom but there wasn’t time, or the facility to take further. Rather than e-mail individuals, or even the group, with interesting links and ideas, where the information ultimately gets lost in some digital grave of a sent, or inbox, I decided to go for a blog that could archive those thoughts, would enable me to ‘present’ the information in a more coherent way (compared to different e-mail settings for each receiver) and help me extend my own understanding of the uses of social media in education settings. Implementing the teaching of such technologies and ideas within the courses that I teach I also believed that I firmly had to ‘practice what I preach’ and that if I did it well, I could help lead my students to find their own ways of using the media I was foisting upon them.

So, long story short (for now!) I’m integrating that blog, with this one (and added a new one for fun!) and trying to make some (new) sense of it all. I’ve been working on several digital literacy projects over the past two years, but I haven’t been blogging about them. I’ve just realised how important they are in terms of who I am as an educator and what I believe in, so I felt I needed to vocalise this in some way. This then will be the content of this blog.

Expect some future updates then as I intially fill you in on where my projects are currently sitting and then continue to use this space for some further thinking.

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