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Evaluation Plan

October 26, 2007

How will you evaluate the success of your new course design?

I see the evaluation of the new course design as one that has started already. Everything from the start of the analysis for the need for the course, its learners, its context, its technology and resources has been thought about, researched, reflected on and evaluated. I believe this gives it a strong backbone. Further evaluation such as pre-moderation before the course goes live and meetings and discussion with stakeholders will take place to ensure that the course is in-line with the Paper’s Aim and Rationale and Learning Outcomes. As we see this paper as a core to all the other subjects that students may go on to Major in later years, it will be important to have the feedback of those studio lecturers both before the course goes live, during and after as /if they notice a difference in the abilities or understanding of their students.
Post delivery of the first run of the course, student feedback and results will also be used as an indication of successes and areas for development.

Who will you ask to review your design before it goes live?

– The lecturers involved in the drawing and art theory sections of the same paper will be asked to meet to discuss the design of the digital literacy component.
-the Head of the School of Art will also be asked to be part of this group.
-it would be great to get the students who have just completed the BFA year 1 without this course (that we view as essential to their core learning) to discuss their own opinions of it. (could this be a possiblea conflict though of learning they think they may have missed out on?)

How will you monitor its success as you use it, and at the end of the first offering?

-success during the paper will be monitored formatively by lecturers who will:
-meet regularly to discuss how the paper is going
-ensure that students are on task and not struggling, or finishing tasks too quickly
-get informal feedback from the students about this, and ensure there is an open forum for students to make comment in this way

-at the end of the paper, success will be measured through:
-Otago Polytechnic questionnaires filled in by students
-a formal discussion group with students
-student results
-meeting of the lecturers from the whole paper

What criteria will you use to judge its success?

-have students achieved the learning outcomes as shown in the submission of their assignments?
-have students responded positively to the course content, the course lecturer(s)

How will you gather your data?

-questionnaire (a more comprehensive questionnaire will be created than the standard course one that specifically engages answers about this course)
-comment forum (possibly Blackboard)
-discussion forum (possibly blackboard and face-to-face, which may be recorded for future study)
-student marks/statistics

What will you do with the information obtained?

The information obtained will all go into the re-development of the course for both the second run and into the later papers that stem off from this one in the student’s next 18 months. Lecturers developing the materials will meet to discuss and rigorously assess the effectiveness of the structure, tasks, theories and practicalities of the course delivered, and implement ways in which the course can be improved to enable further learning.

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