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Designing in Wikieducator

August 18, 2007

I have been having a further look round Wikieducator – and to be honest I am not sure where to start! – I thought that we (the class group) could all start the discussion in the wiki and that is how we would ‘talk’ but it looks much more complicated than that. Almost, that we should be discussing beforehand to work out our design for our page (not to be confused with the content of the page which is Design Theory and Models) I have copied some info (see below) from THIS PAGE  which someone has put together as a resource for designing resources in wikieducator and it gives a good overview. ( I keep meaning to do the tutorials, but I run out of time and think that I will be able to just pick it up – i think maybe i need to just do the tutorials…)
-it seems that you can mark your page as ‘in construction’ until you are ready for it to be used as a resource – i assume we would do this.
-perhaps wikieducator is not the best place to build this page? will it actually be a useful education resource when we finish – i suppose that is the aim!

The Design Process for WikiEducator

The process of designing for learning is often unstructured, even “messy”. It is an iterative process, relying on creativity, trial and error and feedback to enable changes and improvements.

Design that takes place on a wiki is likely to be very unstructured because contributors to a project can come and go at various stages of the design whenever the inspiration and opportunity arise.

A typical process of design would involve the following phases:

  • Planning: when project aims are clarified, learner needs and the context for learning are explored.
  • Design: when teaching and learning strategies and resources are chosen to best match the learning needs.
  • Development: when resources are actually prepared and created.
  • Implementation: when resources are used for teaching and learning.
  • Evaluation: when feedback about the usability and effectiveness of the resources is gathered – occurring throughout the design and making the process iterative.

The design process for WikiEducator is very similar but because it occurs on the wiki there are some small differences. There is the opportunity to use tools and guides during the process that relate specifically to WikiEducator. The diagram below will help you to see how the design process could ensue:


So designing resources for WikiEducator might go something like this:

  • Become familiar with wiki authoring
If you are very new to using the wiki you will need to become familiar with wiki authoring and ways of working on the wiki so one of the first steps many of you will need to take is to work through the Wikieducator Tutorials. You will no doubt keep returning to the tutorials as your design progresses.
  • Plan
Most design begins with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and what the needs of the people who will learn from your resource are likely to be.Then you go about matching those to teaching and learning strategies and resources. Decisions made during this period of planning are typically articulated and recorded in a Design Plan. WikiEducator provides you with a tool, the Design Decision Guide which will take you through this planning process and prompt you with some of the questions you should be considering. You can use the tool collaboratively to discuss and record your decisions on the wiki. If you are unsure how to use the Design Decision Guide take a look at this ‘mini-tutorial’.
  • Start design
Resources that are well designed and effective generally have dealt with a “checklist” of considerations. When you begin to develop resources for WikiEducator we encourage you to incorporate the [Design Progress Tool (DPT)] into your wiki pages. This tool will enable you to check the considerations you should make during your design and development and will indicate to others the progress you have made. Once again, there is a mini-tutorial explaining the Design Progress Tool.
  • Progress design
As development of your resource progresses you can continue to check work against indicators on the Design Progress Tool and show your continued progress through to completion.
  • Use resource
Development of resources on a wiki means they are, to some extent, eternally able to be changed. So in some ways they can be regarded as never quite complete. However, at some point you will deem your resource as ‘ready enough for use’. At this point you can mark it as “Ready for Use” on the Design Progress Tool, indicating to others the stage at which it has reached and making it available to interested users.
  • Revise and refine
As you and others use the resource the wiki community will either make suggestions for improvements – or simply do it!
  • Receive review from users and community
[Concept only] …that as others use the resource they may provide ‘endorsement’ of its effectiveness and perhaps articulate the ways in which they have adapted or localized the resource. This could be a way of sharing a review of a resource’s value within the community.
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  1. davidmcquillan permalink
    August 18, 2007 7:20 pm

    Impressive number of posts today. 🙂

    Thanks for that pointer to the recommended design process on Wikieducator. I’ve tended to just jump in & figure it out as I go so far, but this looks useful.

    We never ended up having that coffee. I’m off next week (skiing 🙂 ), but will be in touch.

  2. davidmcquillan permalink
    August 18, 2007 7:23 pm

    I notice that there isn’t actually a tutorial yet. It’s a blank page at this point.

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