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August 10, 2007

While I wait for my wikieducator password to be re-sent to me, I thought I would have a closer look at the assignment…and the content for the wiki, needs to “include one theoretical perspective that I have researched and referenced.”

So, I am going to look at:
-some of the references suggested with the course outline:
Ellis, A., Torokfalvy, P. and Carswell. L. (1998) A Development strategy for subjects delivered in flexible mode. ASCILITE conference proceedings, Flexibility the next Wave? University of Wollongong.
-I have had a quick look at this already and the content it is based on is not related to my topics, so it may not be that appropriate. But it also references Bloom’s Taxonomy heavily, so I thought I might try and get my head around that a bit more.

-Koumi, J. (2006) Designing Video and Mullimedia for Open and Distance Learning: Routledge (I’m interested in multimedia generally and glad to see that this reference is fairly recent, as technology is changing so quickly- hopefully this will be a good resource…) I can’t see itn online at the moment (fairly recent) but I did find this: Media Characteristics and Online Learning Technology in my search which I will have a look at too…here’s a chapter: tpol_chp06.pdf

That might do to start with! I’ll let you know how I get on! rg

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