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August 10, 2007

I have spent this morning on Blackboard as part of the course, Constructing Courses to Enhance Learning. I have been there a while now and my  movements have not been fluid and in fact have been positively disjointed – I felt compelled to respond to a fellow classmate, who pointed out his own frustrations with blackboard in one of the discussion threads: 

Hi Matt,

you highlighted some interesting stuff about blackboard in your response…I personally don’t find this suitable software for navigating my way around, and definietly not for this type of discussion –  it takes several ‘clicks’ to get to the point of the information you are trying to find, which definitely adds to the amount of time it takes to do anything. I have been here for about an hour already this morning looking over some of the more recent posts and replying, but I don’t really see this as a good use of my already busy time…
One of the main principles in website design is to make sure you have the least possible number of ‘clicks’ to get to the information you want…
Another problem I can see in this type of discussion is that discussion threads often go off in a tangent…like this one is doing, and now has nothing to do with the original topic/title…how will this information ever be found again, or be of use to anyone…? (i.e. I should have started a new thread for these points…which i might still do…
rachel  🙂

It strikes me that all too often when people want to put flexible delivery into their course, they simply make stuff happen on a computer – this isn’t flexible! it’s just different from how you did it before! and for discussion I can’t see why Blackboard would be the best flexible method…? Agreed, I am sitting in my pyjamas at home, at a time that suits me, to participate in this part of the course, that’s pretty flexible… but as far as saving the discussion in a format we can access again and make use of, and in order to see the discussion as a whole, rather than individual threads (which often repeat other threads, without the writers even knowing, or they go off in tangents) there are many alternatives…

and talking of which I going to put my time to better use now, and check out some wiki tutorials (see my last post)


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