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Next Assignment – first step – Wikis

August 2, 2007

Well, it all seems a bit quiet on the blackboard front – I posted my first assignment chatter there and have been eagerly awaiting responses, but as yet there hasn’t been anything…

So! i thought i might get back to talking to myself through my blog, and having a look at the next assignment…

Design overview: (suggested learning hours – 20)
Participate in the setting-up of a collaborative website (a wiki) on design theory and design models appropriate to your course. Technical assistance will be provided.           
Marking criteria:
Ø      Your contribution will include one theoretical perspective which you have researched and referenced; and is appropriate to your course and learners Ø      Your planning will link learning outcomes to learning activities and teaching strategies, content and assessment. Ø      Your contribution will give examples showing how you have taken into account levels, learners, disciplines, as well as industry/professional body expectations and requirements.

Excellent! I really wanted to get my head around wikis when I started doing Designing for Flexible Learning Practice, but with everything else going on in that paper (and my life!) I didn’t really get a chance to get an in-depth experience. Leigh Blackall forced me into editing one towards the end of the course (thanks Leigh!) 🙂 so I know I have an account set up in wikieducator. That experience was a good one, as I have some computer literacy I felt at ease searching around to make the small changes to a page that Leigh had posted up, which he wanted me to format. That was a few weeks ago now, so i am itching to get back in and consolidating that experience and elarning some more.
My first steps now are to go and find all the resources i didn’t get a chance to look at before and spend some time with them, then get back into my wikieducator account and have a “play”.

I’m going to set myself some questions, which I find makes it easier for me to focus my own learning:
-What is a wiki?
-What are the benefits to using a wiki in a learning/educational situation?
-How can I use a wiki either for my own learning, or to facilitate other people’s learning (or both)?

First Step – off the the Wikieducator help and tutorials section!
(And I couldn’t resist posting this image, first sourcedWIKI WIKI by leigh in the DFLP blog – hee hee wiki wiki….)

back soon…rg

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