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Assignment 4. Flexible Learning Plan – SUBMISSION

July 2, 2007

Here is my project scope for the assignment:


I initially met with Leigh after my first draft to discuss my ideas. This was really helpful as I was struggling to work out what I had missed out and what would be important to focus on to get the scope to the next stage of development. I have added in some things that we discussed and I am happy with the ideas it presents overall. Doing it also prompted me to fill in some gaps in my knowledge, and has highlighted some others that I will put some work in on.

I think it still only a draft and I am looking for more feedback on it. (I think it is perhaps clearer in my head than it is on paper…) Our new Head of Department just arrived a couple of days ago from Switzerland so I am looking forward to his input.
I would like input from someone who knows about the subject/content and from someone who doesn’t so that I can get a measure of how it works practically, and contextually. I am aware that boards/panels of people who ‘give out money’ for development don’t always know the subject so it is important to communicate clearly your intentions without jargon, but also I would love to hear if it sounds like something that will really work for our students!

I know I have another draft to do..i’m kind of looking forward to it…

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  1. July 4, 2007 12:13 pm

    Hi Rach, looks great. Like the tables 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t able to write you the suggestionos I made in our face to face meeting. It has been a pretty busy fortnight.

    If you can get an HOD to sign this initial scope, that will permit us to research and budget up a project plan with timelines etc. It will serve as a formal application for funding development and is something EDC can assist with. You’ll need your HOD to agree to you spending time on the application though…

  2. jacquie hayes permalink
    July 9, 2007 1:00 pm

    HI rachel
    I have been inspired by your blogs all the way through this course and has helped me immensly so thank you, your blog is great keep up the great work
    cheers jacquie


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