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a more complete learner profile

July 2, 2007

Whilst working through my Scope for the Flexible Learning Plan I got around to working out a more complete learner profile. (see below) This information is only based on what I know of the students informally and is an educated guess.

I still need to find out who has access to the internet at home, and who has broadband. There also needs to be a more detailed discussion/analysis of what basic and intermediate skills are on the computer and with software. It would also be handy to know who have skills in Photoshop and who have skills in other image-editing packages and what students WANT to learn in the future. (although industry still demands knowledge of Photoshop…)

This has been really useful though in focussing my plan, and helping me work out what I need to find out next.

Current students enrolled in the BFA-Photography senior papers: (55% in BFA4 papers, 45% in BFA3)
95% are under 30 years old, and 84% of those are between 20 and 25. (i.e. most students come straight from school)
basic computer skills – all have basic skills, 70% have intermediate skills
Image-editing skills – all have basic image-editing skills, but only 10% have intermediate skills.
45% of students have access to a computer outside the school grounds, and of these 55% have a laptop they would be able to bring and use in school (incidentally, 45% of students with their own computer use an apple mac)

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