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Assignment 3 – Reference list – SUBMISSION + REFLECTION

June 22, 2007

My Reference List

I realised that I have kept lots of links and references in this blog, rather than on the reference list so there are some from there updated to the above list right at the end of the course. (which kind of feels like doing the same things twice…) I have struggled a little with in terms of incorporating its use in my daily life and thus, still have not found myself comfortable with using it regularly. (e.g. like the way I have now with Bloglines)

But! I will keep going with it – I do understand the value of it, (sharing, not directly linked to one computer) and think it is a fantastic resource – I just need to find a way to make it work for me. Perhaps I should have used it as a first stop to collecting links (rather than the blog) and then linked my blog to my reference list. The good thing about the blog is that it builds a context around the link and fuller explanation than I would normally submit to

I plan to work in a different way with my references inthe future in order to find a way that I can work with easily.

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  1. June 22, 2007 6:33 pm

    Hey Rachel, I agree that the blog adds important contextual information. I’m wondering, do you have the bookmark tools installed in your browser? They make it very easy.. you just highlight a sentence or two on the site you’re about to bookmark, click the tag button on your browser and it saves it all to your account. Makes for fast bookmarking, leaving you to simply blog about the good stuff worth adding context to…

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