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Graduate Profile – step 2

May 23, 2007

 Audio of the ‘interview’ with the senior photography student.
(This time lots of yip/yep’s as well as um’s, and I caught myself “leading the witness” a couple of times! *ha ha*)

Some reflections on this exercise:
-I am not sure that this goes very far into understanding the real profile of our students – it is just one person after all, so I want to build a better profile of more students throughout the photography course, using more detailed questionnaires.
-I have since thought of many more questions I should have asked, and where I could have gone into more detail  in the questions.
Dave has posted an interesting profile of his students, using graphs etc. that I also want to be able to do with confidence about our learner and graduate profiles. I see Dave didn’t collect all the data from the first-hand sources and approximated some of it – this is probably a good first step, and I am sure he has educated approximations rather than just guesses, but I would also want to back this up with further empirical information at some point. Seems like a big job though…

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