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Teaching Resource – Printing with Epson Printer

May 22, 2007

Arrrghhh! this took me all afternoon and it was not the fun time I had been anticipating!
-first video I did was way to big to upload to youTube (160Mb)
-so i cut down the size of the screen I was recording and redid it but….it didn’t save because i didn’t have enough space left on my profile.
-so, I deleted the first one and started again (with the smaller screen size)
-this time it was still just over the 100Mb that is the maximum for youTube but I couldn’t face doing it again
-so I opened the file up in moviemaker and exported it with compression to cut down the size but as you can see the video is so hard to see it isn’t going to help the students all that much!
-(I also discovered that I say ’em/um’ far too often!)

Things learnt!:
-to make the window size I am recording in small enough to save a smaller file (will try the panning with mouse option as suggested by Leigh)
-Might be interesting to make these types of resources with 2 people, one asking questions…
-stop saying ’em/um’!

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  1. May 22, 2007 6:48 pm

    Its great Rach! While I couldn’t see the details, your voice easily makes up for it. If it bothers you though, Camstudio has the option to record a region of the screen, and to auto pan with your mouse. You may have noticed my screenrecordings do this.

    Its great that you worked out a way to compress the movie! I use Videora iPod Converter. Google it.

    Now, you should take this further though. Especially if this is an important thing to get across. If you check out my screencast blog you’ll see that some of them include a series of still images with text. This is so people can print out the resource and follow along one step at a time. I kinda look at the video as the intro, and the stills with text as the study guide. For some people the video will be all they need.

    I use screenhunter to get the stills. Its great ’cause you can assign a key that when pressed it will save a jpg to your desktop and name it 001, 002, 003 and so on. Much faster then the print screen button. I use it when Camstudio pops up the finished video. Play the orginal video, have your finger ready on the key, and press it at key points in the video. Load the images to your blog, add the text, and add the video at the top.

    Of course you wouldn’t do this for all screencasts – just the important ones.

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