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Face to Face meeting – Wed 23rd May

May 16, 2007

Realising that although I have been thinking about the course, not much has been put into action for the last 2 weeks or so, so using the next meeting to get/keep myself on track.

(I did however attend an Elluminate session to see how this would work – so i’ll post up about that before I forget completely how that went!)

This post however is about getting myself ready with the things still outstanding at this stage of the course:

  1. I still need to complete my teaching resource – Just haven’t got around to this because i have to do it on a specific computer (the one usb’d directly to the scanner and printer) and I don’t have a  microphone readily available. (I did go and look at cameras and mics for myself in Dick Smiths so that I can skype with my family, but got no help from the assistants and the cheap ones didn’t say they were compatable with apple macs, so i’ll have to find out about this myself first.) So, get a mic, do the teaching resource, get a youTube account, post to youTube, post to my blog, ask for feedback at the face to face.
  2. Graduate Profile: looking at the polytechnic aims behind flexible learning practice to be “offering better services to existing students more efficiently AND reaching potential students we don’t already reach.” I thought I would speak to 2 students of mine, one of whom is working with youTube, mySpace and blogs and I know uses these technologies already, and one who asked me how if they could conitnue the course through distance learning. I thought that these would be 2 accessible people who would have interesting and differing views on the subject. The second one, isn’t as used to digital technology as the first one so that should also be an interesting difference between them.
  3. I see from the proposed plan of the meeting that we are going to be researching some theoretical ideas around planning. I feel that I haven’t looked in-depth enough at this side of the course, so i want to get a good list of theoretical resources together and start going through them. I see there are quite a few things listed on the dflp07 tagged list so I guess I will start there and with the reading list that came with the course outline. I feel like I need to pose myself a question or soemthing to research so that I have a focus…What is Flexible Learning is a bit wide….I should relate it perhaps to designing for flexible learning within  an arts/practical related course?…or something, I will have a think.
  4. I think that if I do all of this before the meeting, that by the end of the meeting, I will be able to start on my flexible learning plan…exciting stuff!
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