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Screencasting – investigation

April 28, 2007

I’m awake in the middle of the night (- feels like – it’s 7am on a saturday and i was looking forward to a lie in), so i thought i would get on with this assignment (yikes – due in yesterday?)

I found a great resource here – another blogger who has written a post reviewing more screencasting software than i would have imagined existed. (there are probably even more on the marketplace since it was posted!)
It even has this helpful definition:
Screencasting is a process of creating interactive demonstrations and software simulations. You take a series of screenshots of a running application. The software records your actions and instantly create a simulation or Screencast. The movies can be in a variety of formats like Standalone EXE, Macromedia Flash SWF, AVI format or the Windows Media Video (WMV) format or as streaming presentations from a website. You can even burn the simulations / demonstrations on a CD for mailing them to your Mom.

I would recommend a read through the whole thing, but the FREE and OPEN SOURCE software is at the bottom of the page, so scroll down.

I recognise Camstudio from earlier discussions/blog posts with Leigh.
And here is another, Screenhunter that Leigh has demonstrated/discussed.

My main problem this morning is that I am on my Apple Mac, but at the Polytech I use a windows PC, and it would appear that screencasting software is mainly for one platform or the other.
This is what I have found so far for screencasting on a MAC
It seems a bit convoluted…i think i’m getting tired again…

Okay – to focus! I am glad I have all this information here for future use – bearing in mind that my focus for this assignment is to do something for work (- I still plan to do a ‘How-to-scan slides/negatives on the Espon 4990 Scanner’), i will work on the computers at school with an appropriate software package (either screenhunter or camstudio).

bye for now

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  1. April 28, 2007 9:53 am

    I reckon you should do both!

    If you record video with Camstudio, it will pop up in the Camstudio player when processing is finished. At that point open ScreenHunter. Play the Camstudio video with your finger poised on the ScreenHunter capture key. As your video plays past a key point in the demonstration, hit the ScreenHunter key! This will produce a series of images that you can use to support the video. Embed the video into your blog, then start adding in the images below it. Add a few notes below each image and you have a fully rounded screencast! You have video for the Broadband – quick to comprehend types, and you have static printable images and notes for those on dialup or would prefer to print out the demo and study it carefully.

  2. April 28, 2007 12:02 pm

    That’s brilliant. And exactly what i’ll do. What i wasn’t fully comprehending was that some of the software was for screenshots (static) and some was for video. ( i had picked it up that they all did something different but hadn’t got my head round which was for which). So now this is very clear, and exactly what I was looking for so that different learners could get the most use out of the resource (with as little time put in as necessary from the educator.)Cool! Thanks so much.

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